Creative dotting is a fun and relaxing and, may I say, non-threatening technique that gives the artist a wonderful sense of pride that a beautiful piece of art can come from just dots. 

Creative Dotting is a stunning visual of colour & symmetry that can be done on paper, glass, rocks or wood. Although it looks complicated it’s not, you just need to learn the basics. It is exciting to see the patterns come alive and, although they look great on a neutral surface, the dots of colour pop against a dark background which is my favorite.

Our guest teacher: Lynn Delaney 

The projects below are just a few of Lynn creations. 
Cactus Station is very excited to feature Lynn & her work . 

Place: Cactus Station Woodworking & Art Studio 

5970 – 173 B Street 
Cloverdale, B.C. V3S – 4B2 
Phone: 604-803-4472 

Date: TBD 
Cost: $ 175.00 

Seating for this workshop is limited so please give me a call to book your spot! We require a $30 deposit. 604-803-4472

Friday evening will allow the student to practice creating a small mandala on poster paper to become familiar with the technique. 

Saturday we will create the Whale & Sunday we will create the Mermaid. 

The student will go home Sunday with three completed projects including a matted picture & wooden stands for the Whale & Mermaid. 

Supplies: Teacher will supply surfaces, stands, paper, matting, dowels & paints 

Join us for a workshop that will broaden your mind and you’ll be learning, having fun and going home with your new pieces of art.  Students to bring their lunch.