Lynn Delaney will be teaching the Creative Dotting Workshop this summer. You don’t want to miss this unique style of art.

Delphine Hayes will be here with PowerTex with the dates to be announced very shortly.

Many of you are so busy with work, home & children that it’s hard to find some relaxation time for yourself to carve out some me time can be difficult., so this year I’m offering Open Class & Studio Time. What this means is that you can purchase a block of hours & use them up in your own time frame.

You can pick out your project & sign into the studio & paint, whether it’s an hour for five hours, morning or afternoon, evening or weekend.  It doesn’t matter if it takes you a week or two weeks to work on your project as the time frame is open & the hours you purchase will stay there until you use them up. I will be here to guide you.  

There are two packages: 15 hours for $75.00 or the better deal of 36 hours for $ 150.00.  Should you select a project that is on the wall or one of my patterns

there will be a small charge for the pattern. If you are coming after work or from the grocery store & want to paint for a bit don’t have your paints & brushes

I can offer you loaner brushes & you can use the studio paints for a lab fee.  



Be sure to watch the class page for upcoming workshops. 

Classes      Workshops

As with all our workshops the class includes the surface & all paints needed for that class.

Sign up early as there is limited seating & you do not want to miss this workshop.


Join us at the following workshops & events…


Creative dotting is a fun and relaxing and, may I say, non-threatening technique that gives the artist a wonderful sense of pride that a beautiful piece of art can come from just  dots!

Place: Cactus Station Woodworking & Art Studio 
5970 – 173 B Street 
Cloverdale, B.C. V3S – 4B2 
Phone: 604-803-4472 

Date: TBD 

Cost: $ 175.00 

Friday evening  classes will allow the student to practice creating a small mandala on poster paper to become familiar with the technique. 

Saturday we will create the Whale & Sunday we will create the Mermaid. 

The student will go home Sunday with three completed projects including a matted picture & wooden stands for the Whale & Mermaid. 

Guest Teacher: Lyn Delaney 

Supplies: Teacher will supply surfaces, stands, paper, matting, dowels & paints 

Join us for a workshop that will broaden your mind and you’ll be learning, having fun and going home with your new piece of art.  Students to bring their lunch.





This two day workshop is a must for the beginner painter to understand the acrylic paint & how to use it.

It is  also a great way for someone who hasn’t painted for a while to refresh the knowledge that’s been tucked away.

Brush control is everything & we will cover the use of various brushes & the stroke works that make
up our paintings.

We will build a binder with our hands on techniques on Saturday & on Sunday we will use that learned, refreshed information to paint a picture.

The student will go home Sunday with an informational binder & a completed canvas painting.

Date:  TBD
Cost: $ 95.00
Supplies: Teacher will supply binder, surface & paints.

Student to bring brushes if they have them however, there will be loner brushes if needed.

Place: Cactus Station Woodworking & Art Studio 
5970 – 173 B Street 
Cloverdale, B.C. V3S – 4B2 
Phone: 604-803-4472