Many of you are so busy with work, home & children that it’s hard to find some relaxation time for yourself to carve out some me time can be difficult, so this year I’m offering Open Class & Studio Time. What this means is that you can purchase a block of hours & use them up in your own time frame.

You can pick out your project & sign into the studio & paint , whether it’s an hour for five hours, morning or afternoon, evening or weekend.  It doesn’t matter if it takes you a week or two weeks to work on your project as the time frame is open & the hours you purchase will stay there until you use them up. I will be here to guide you.  

There are two packages: 15 hours for $75.00 or the better deal of 36 hours for $ 150.00.  Should you select a project that is on the wall or one of my patterns – there will be a small charge for the pattern. If you are coming after work or from the grocery store & want to paint for a bit don’t have your paints & brushes

I can offer you loaner brushes & you can use the studio paints for a lab fee.